09 Aug 2017

New Heavy Duty Plate Rolls

Our large steel plate rolling machine.

Continuing to redefine what's possible...

Responding to the growing needs of our medium and heavy industry clients Bendworx is incredibly excited to have recently installed and commissioned of Australia’s largest plate rollers! Our brand new MG370I direct from world-leading manufacturer MG S.R.L. in Italy gives us the power to roll materials up to 70 mm mild steel plate at up to 3,000 mm wide.

This additional capacity continues to stretch Bendworx’s lead over our competitors, and opens up a world of possibility and competitive advantage to our clients. Skins, liners, and assembly parts can now be produced in larger pieces, lessening the need for costly handling and fabrication – and items previously thought difficult or impossible to produce can now be reality.

Make our advantage yours – contact our friendly sales team today and see how we can help you.

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