Australia's leading manufacturer of quality assured steel pipes & casings.

From massive public infrastructure and private enterprise projects to custom solutions for sole operators – whatever the size or scope of the project – Bendworx’s refined and professional manufacturing process delivers, on time and within budget. 

A long-standing trusted partner to multi-national project alliances and small business fabricators alike since 2005, Bendworx continues to set the standard for welded pipe and casing manufacture in Australia and overseas; 

Bendworx offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality steel pipes, manufactured using independently certified ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 processes. Bendworx steel pipes and casings are widely utilised in piling, water conveyance, casing and tubing, constructional structural pipes, bulk raw materials transportation pipes, and manufacturing, among other applications.

Firmly supported by Australia’s leading steel suppliers, our pipes are manufactured from all the major premium steel grades for a variety of purposes using various technologies – all from our Brisbane workshop.

On demand, we build pipes and casings to your specification and happily assist with national infrastructure projects ranging from interstate highways through to bespoke jobs like the Brisbane river walk.

Bendworx has supplied steel pipes for a wide range of projects around Queensland and NSW, including foundations, road building,  drilled foundations, water projects as well as wharf and bridge construction.

Our dedicated team is available any time to plan your next project; contact us now to get your quote. 

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