Precision CNC bending and forming of mild, stainless, specialist steels.

Does your business depend on reliable steel processing? Quality, economical sheet metal bending and brake pressing is a critical component of almost all steel fabrication projects. In the right hands, specialist brake pressing & bending services are an enormous asset to your production pipeline – positively impacting project deliverables and optimising your budget. Choosing Bendworx as your steel processing provider is to trust Australia’s leading provider’s long history of providing high-quality metal bending in the Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales and Australian markets.


Bendworx has provided excellent manufactured metal products and metal bending with exceptional customer service since 2005.


Cutting, bending, and rolling services are all available at Bendworx. Our advanced facility, located in South East Queensland, is ready to help you achieve your project’s goals on time and within budget. Bendworx’s team of experienced, dedicated staff ensure uncompromised quality standards, on-budget pricing, and end-to-end customer service; giving you peace of mind that your brake pressing requirements are completed to your satisfaction.


To deliver your Brisbane metal bending projects as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, Bendworx employs the following production methods:


  • Air Bending
  • Bottoming
  • Coining
  • V Bending
  • U Die Bending
  • Flange Bending


Bendworx provides a full variety of metal fabrication and metal bending services. To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we work closely with you and your teams to deliver the desired outcome for your project.


Our proven adaptability and customer focus handles everything from large production runs to one-off prototypes and proofs of concept. Quality, adaptability, quick service, and value have earned our reputation. Applying these qualities, our team works with large multinational companies, Australian federal government agencies, state governments and private companies alike. This experience has empowered us to be well versed in delivering to your requirements.


Do you have shop designs? Bendworx can easily work with your design to provide precise estimates and a quick finished product, or we can work from your sketches and information to meet all of your metal bending needs and facilitate delivery to you, anywhere in the world.


Sheet and metal bending is Bendworx specialty. 

Bendworx will bend sheet metal to your requirements to produce both established and cutting-edge designs; our ability to deliver successful completion of large, complex jobs has earned us a reputation as a leading Brisbane and Australian sheet metal bending company. It’s why fabricators, engineers, builders, and architects trust us with their projects;


TChanning Creek Bridge

Pacific Motorway Upgrade

GJames Crane Booms

Austin Engineering & Hitachi 

Brisbane Riverwalk


Put our expertise and knowledge to work on your next steel bending project, our team are happy to discuss your project and provide cost and delivery estimates in a timely manner.


Talk to our professional and experienced sales and estimating team today by calling us on 3271 1377 or use our contact form