Trusted by firms from Brisbane to Bakers Hill, our precise, accurate and quality-assured plate rolling in Brisbane, turns steel into cylinders, cones, tanks, skins, strakes,, stringers, helixes, and much more.

Equipped with industry-leading specialist equipment, our CNC-controlled machines and specialist staff mean we can roll plate and sheet steel to suit your requirement:

  • Thicknesses up to 150mm
  • Widths up to 3,200mm
  • Complex and multi-radial shapes

Working with mild steels, stainless steels , galvanised steel, aluminium, hardened steel, quenched & tempered steel, and painted and polished materials, Bendworx’ specialist operators have an unmatched success record for delivering on-time and to budget.

With proven experience and a suite of capable machinery, Bendworx can produce rolled plate or sheet steel to fit a huge variety of infrastructure applications and projects from one-off specialist productions to high-volume orders.

Steel Australia-Wide

Roll light gauge steel, through to thick plate with our elite steel and plate rolling machines, based in Brisbane’s west. For projects in NSW or anywhere outside Queensland, we work with you to provide logistical solutions to move metal across Australia in a timely, budget-friendly fashion.

We’ve earned our reputation with large multinational companies, Australian federal government agencies, state governments, and private companies through quality, adaptability, excellent service, and cost-effective value.

Fabricators, engineers, builders and architects trust us on vital complex projects such as:

For your next plate and sheet metal rolling production order, take advantage of Bendworx expertise. Our team is happy to provide cost and delivery estimates.

Talk to our professional sales and estimating team today by calling 3271 1377 or simply use our contact form.